Facebook Advertising Video Course


Module 01

In this first video, I'll give you the birds-eye view of this course and the Facebook Advertising System we use add at least 4,000 subscribers and 250 customers every month..

What's Really Working

Module 02

Break down how we run our Facebook advertising campaigns at LeadPages™. Andrew and I will share what’s working for us, mistakes you can avoid making from the beginning, and how to measure your success.

Track Your Conversions

Module 03

Using the Facebook ad system profitably starts with setting up your account in the right way. In this module, learn about the Facebook Business Manager and how to include Conversion Pixels on the right pages of your website

Custom Audiences

Module 04

Take advantage of the relationship you have with your existing and growing audiences with Facebook’s Custom Audience options. Before you try to sell your products and services to prospects who have never heard of you before, follow the steps in this module to put your offers in front of your existing Fans, Google+ and LinkedIn Connections, Email Subscribers, and Customers.

Facebook Audiences

Module 05

Put your business in front of millions of Facebook users by creating highly targeted audiences of people who currently have no idea you exist. In this module, I'll show you how to use Lookalike Audiences and Saved Target Groups to scale your marketing campaigns to higher levels.

Community Engagement

Module 06

Amy Porterfield is a top thought leader in Facebook community engagement and building profitable advertising campaigns. In this module, I get Amy to share some of her best advice for effective advertising using Facebook advertising to your growing fan base.

Boost Your Results Drastically

Module 07

We’ve tested hundreds of ads and landing pages over the last two years, and have discovered key elements that will improve your conversions with your Facebook Ads. In this module, I want to walk you through those, and show you how to set up high converting landing pages that will improve your conversions while decreasing your total ad costs.

Create High Converting Ad Campaigns

Module 08

With your Audiences and Landing Pages created, you are now ready to create your Facebook Ads. In this module, I'll lay out the steps to easily create Ads, Ad Sets, and Campaigns that drive qualified traffic to your offers.

Analyze Your Results to Scale Your Campaigns

Module 09

After your ads have run for a short amount of time, you are ready to start analyzing the results to make key decisions. In this module, I’ll show you how to look at Facebook’s Reporting options so you know which metrics to pay attention to. Things like CPC, CPA, CTR, IROAS - find out what these acronyms mean, and which ones deserve your focused attention! So put on your geek hat, and let’s get to know your numbers.

Knowing Your Numbers

Module 10

James Grandstaff is a leading authority on running Facebook Campaigns to LeadPages™ and LeadBoxes™. James has a unique understanding of the numbers it takes to create profitable Campaigns for himself and his clients. In this module we dig deeper into one of his Campaigns to help you shorten your trial and error period.

Your Facebook Advertising System Plan

Module 11

In this final video, I'll share key reminders from the rest of the course so you can implement this Facebook Advertising System for yourself immediately.

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