Massive Webinar Profit Video Course


Module 01

You’ve probably been on a webinar, web conference, online training, whatsoever the word is they utilize to identify it.

Webinars are a big hit in the IM world today, however they’ve in reality been used in all sorts of niches bringing in big money for years.

How To Register For GoToWebinar

Module 02

In our last video we looked at an overview of webinars. In this video we will look at how to get started at GoToWebinar.

How To Design Your Presentation

Module 03

Among the most crucial factors in your webinar's success is the work you put into designing your slides.

This is crucial in any presentation, but particularly so with webinars. In an in-person presentation, you're the main visual for your target market, and your slides are simply visual aids. However when it comes to a webinar, your slides aren't visual aids; they're the visuals. So put more work into them than you would with an in-person demonstration.

How To Design Your Back-End Offer

Module 04

Any way you look at it, webinars are a useful sales tool. Merely offering a webinar may boost sales and heighten brand recognition, and there are dozens of ways you may use them to convert casual interest into real paying customers.

Make your backend offer an offer they can't refuse and then lead up to it in your webinar.

How To Get Targeted Audience To Your Webinar

Module 05

The most crucial thing you can do is think about your target audience. Because your company might target numerous different audiences, you might need to use more than one webinar. It is always best to tailor a webinar to one particular audience, instead of target it toward everybody. This will supply better results. When you meet the needs of a particular group of individuals, you increase the chances of turning them into buyers.

How To Automate Your Webinar Sessions

Module 06

Marketing automation adds a power punch to your webinars. Benchmark data shows that automated pre- and post-webinar reminders can increase attendance by 32%

Schedule your webinar using a brief online form and GoToWebinar will create a hosted registration page and invitation email for you to send, which you are able to brand with your own logo and image. You can rehearse in advance to make certain everything goes as planned.

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