Social Media Overdrive Video Course

Social Media Overdrive Exposed!

Module 01

The introductory module gives you the overview on how social media has made a deep impact on the Internet and changes the landscape for many marketers online.


Module 02

What's better than joining the universal network of more than 200 million people (and still growing) in one place on the Internet?!.


Module 03 started to grow exponentially as a micro-blogging tool for bloggers and many other Internet users in 2008.


Module 04

Video marketing is getting hot and hotter.

And if you're not using any elements of video marketing in your business, you are forfeiting this advantage to your competitors..

Squidoo Lens

Module 05

Everyone is an expert at something. And that is what founder of, Seth Godin, believes.


Module 06

You may have heard of podcasting but might not know what it is if you're new to the world of online media marketing.

Blogging & RSS

Module 07

If you want to get your latest blog content distributed all over the Internet and get the exposure you've always dreamed of, the answer is finally here.

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