Social Traffic Control Video Course


Module 01

This is the introduction to social media control. Before we get started, I wanna give you a quick overview of the video series itself so you know exactly what to expect and that way, your mind is prepared and then you'll be able to speed everything up quicker.

Attack Plan

Module 02

This is called “Can’t fix it if you don’t know what's broken” and what this is all about is trying to help you create an attack plan so you know what's working and you know what isn’t working in your business in relation to social media.

Pin Point

Module 03

This is how to pinpoint opportunities and the goal here is to help you use social media to pinpoint opportunities mainly because if you're trying to manage your social media then you'll definitely want to use tools that focus in on opportunities in the social realm.


Module 04

We’re gonna talk about how to monitor opportunities. So, once you have pinpointed opportunities like we talked about in the previous video, what you wanna do now is you want to make sure that you have alerts created with Google Alerts because you wanna know what's going on in social media and out in the world as it happens.


Module 05

Let’s talk about how to manager your own social media. There are many tools out there and I wanna point you to several tools that you can use to manager your social media and then I'm gonna talk about the tool that I use to manage my social media.


Module 06

This is social media management in action and I'm gonna show you how to use the Hoot Suite tool to manage your social media. So with that said, let’s get started. Okay, so if you wanna go ahead and go to and just go ahead and create an account, there is a free level and then of course a paid level.

Wordpress 2 Social

Module 07

How do you setup your WordPress site so that every time you post, it also posts to your social media sites like your Twitter accounts, your Facebook accounts, your LinkedIn accounts, and your other social media sites.

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